So much to do, so little time…

People who come to Nepal almost always find they have to visit again. They are charmed by the environment and the people, and there is always too much on offer to fit into a single trip. Fortunately Nepal is easy to get to and most of the activities can be done on a very low budget (although it’s possible to indulge in a bit of luxury as well).

On arrival in Kathmandu you may well want to spend a few days catching your breath and visiting some of the famous temples and other historical sites of this vibrant city. If you need to do some shopping you can find practically anything you might need for your holiday, particularly in the Thamel area where Himalayan Magic Adventures is based. It’s a good time to go through your itinerary with us and make sure everything is exactly as you want it.

Please have a look at the options in the menu on the left, for trekking, rafting or going on safari. It is possible to fit all of these into an action-packed two week holiday, but of course if you have more time you will be able to undertake some of the longer treks (like the Annapurna Circuit) and do more sight-seeing. There are so many possibilities; if you are not sure what to do please contact us and we can give you some ideas.

A small word of warning though – Nepal is a developing country and things might not always go as smoothly as you might expect in the UK, Europe or the United States. There can be power cuts, roads may be washed away and the weather can mean that mountain flights are cancelled. It is important to allow a little leeway in your plans – for instance you should never plan to fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu on the same day as your international flight out. It is also very useful to have a sense of humour and to be able to take things as they come.

It is good too to know that you have someone to call when things don’t quite go to plan. That is what we aim to provide at Himalayan Magic Adventures. We have usually come across the situation before and can sort out alternatives, so that you can carry on enjoying your holiday.

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